Pressing questions at the Los Angeles Times' printing facility

Pressing questions at the Los Angeles Times' printing facility
A newspaper goes through the production process at the Los Angeles Times Olympic printing facility on Friday, May 16, 2014.

Gabriel Carbajal went on a group tour of the Los Angeles Times' Olympic printing plant last week, and while he says that he found the tour fascinating, it caused him to reflect.

As much as technology has advanced at the plant over the years, Carbajal took notice that people are still needed to operate the presses and even the computers.

"The tour of the plant also made me think about photography in general," Carbajal said. "But specifically about how people [and] companies have switched to digital photography [and] cameras almost completely. What happened to the classic photo developing process?"

Although the tour stirred questions for him, Carbajal said he loved the sights, smells and sounds of the Olympic plant.

Carbajal captured this moment with a Nikon d5100 using a Nikkor 18-300mm telephoto lens

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