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Referendum papers filed on assisted suicide law

 A day after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing assisted suicides for the terminally ill in California, opponents filed papers to seek a referendum to overturn the measure on the November 2016 ballot.

A group called Seniors Against Suicide filed papers with the state attorney general’s office to get an official title and summary for the referendum, the first step toward collecting signatures.

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Gov. Jerry Brown approves new limits on paparazzi drones

After rejecting other limits on drone use, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Tuesday to expand privacy protections to prevent paparazzi from flying drones over private property.

The bill, AB 856, changes the definition of a "physical invasion of privacy" to include sending a drone into the airspace above someone's land in order to make a recording or take a photo.

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Gov. Brown signs bill aimed at eliminating gender wage gap

California took a major step Tuesday toward closing the lingering wage gap between men and women, as Gov.

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California voters overwhelmingly support end-of-life law, poll finds

California voters overwhelmingly support a new state law that allows physicians to prescribe life-ending drugs to the terminally ill under certain conditions, according to a new poll.

Support for the End of Life Option Act, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday, cut across all political party and ethnic lines, and varied little among genders and age groups.

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After struggling, Jerry Brown makes assisted suicide legal in California

Caught between conflicting moral arguments, Gov.

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Cancer patients thank governor for signing aid-in-dying bill

Wolf Breiman, 87, suffers from a cancer that he knows may end his life in a painful way, so he said it was a relief to hear that Gov. Jerry Brown decided Monday to give terminally ill patients access to drugs they can use to end their own lives on their own terms.

Breiman, whose disease is currently under control, would not qualify now because he has not been given less than six months to live.

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