Topless woman chases after Peeping Tom — and helps catch him!

A woman trying on bras at a Kohl's store in Kansas didn't care that she was half-naked. She was more concerned with catching the man who she said was hiding in the dressing room, videotaping her.

That's why Jeanne Ouellette ran topless through the department store as she chased the man and screamed for other shoppers to help her.


"I shouted 'Stop!' and 'Help me!'," Ouellette told Kansas City's KCTV-TV, adding that she felt violated. She said the man was lying on the floor next to her dressing room and had stuck his hand -- and camera -- under the divider to watch her undress. "I was enraged," she said.

The man made it out of the store, but Lenexa, Kan., police arrested a suspect several blocks away. (Ouellette said her common sense kicked in at the store's exit and she stopped giving chase, but others continued the pursuit.)

"She ran topless after the guy," Lenexa police Officer Dan Friesen told the Kansas City Star. "She definitely got the attention of other shoppers" and witnesses too, who later helped police identify the suspect.

Authorities arrested Jeremy F. Bradley, 35, of Raytown, Mo., who now faces a misdemeanor charge of breach of privacy.

We called Kohl's and the Lenexa Police Department for comment, but were unable to reach them by the time this post was published. If we get more information, we will update this post.

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