'Acid-type' device left in Colorado park explodes in child's face

A child suffered minor injuries when an "acid-type" device detonated in a park south of Denver, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday.

Five children, whose ages were not disclosed, found the device around 2 p.m. in Dad Clark Park, said Ron Hanavan, spokesman for the sheriff's office.


One of the children picked up the device and it detonated, Hanavan said.

The device, which had a glass casing, exploded in the child's face, CBS Denver reported.

The victim, who was described only as a "young child," was transported to a hospital, but Hanavan declined to give specifics about injuries.

The contents of the device are still being examined. Hanavan said it was an "acid-type" device.

"We believe this was an isolated incident, but we are checking other parks for additional devices," Hanavan said.

Dad Clark Park is about 20 miles south of Denver.

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