During live shot, TV reporter nailed by snow from a passing plow

We all know TV reporters like to be close to the action during big storms. At times, too close - like the NBC "Nightly News" reporter who got stuck in waist-high mud while reporting on a mudslide in Azusa last week.

FOX 29's Steve Keeley joined the fraternity of imperiled correspondents Monday morning during a live shot in Woodstown, N.J., shown at the bottom of this post.

With yet another large snowstorm slamming the East Coast, Keeley stands by a rural road watching the plows pass and pointing out how quickly the snow re-covers the roads.

Keeley points off-camera and says, "There goes a couple plows, demonstrating what I --"

That's when he and his cameraman get blasted by snow from a passing plow, leading someone in the studio to whoop and briefly shriek before the camera pulls back to reveal Keeley, still upright.

Keeley, still live, resumes his commentary without missing a beat. "Four plow trucks, four plow trucks, and it's still snow-covered," he says, adding, "That is the beauty of breaking news."

After the segment went viral, he added later on Twitter: "Thanks for all well wishes it just looks like it hurt but didn't at all so it's cool to have a good laugh on us."

Here's Keeley's segment, courtesy of FOX 29:

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

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