LOVING cars and being green don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Following are 10 ways Jay Leno's gone green with his Big Dog Garage in Burbank:

General Electric solar panels: Leno's 54-kilowatt system powers the lights, tools and air conditioning in his 17,000-square-foot garage, often generating enough extra energy that it feeds back to the grid.

PacWind Delta II wind turbine: A "vertical axis" system, it generates 10 kilowatts of electrical power from wind energy.

Walter Surface Technologies Bio-Circle parts washer: Microbes consume oils and grease and excrete water and carbon dioxide.

Omegasonics parts cleaning tank: Non-toxic ultrasonic cleaning bubbles find and remove heavy grease and microscopic particles.

MX Factor industrial canister exchange system: Replaces aerosol cans with refillable canisters of brake cleaner and cleansers.

A.O. Smith Vertex water heater: The helical coil heat exchanger is 90% efficient, generating 76,000 BTUs per hour and producing more hot water more efficiently and at a lower cost than an average, 78% efficient water heater.

Calypso HammerHead WaterJet: Pressurizes water to 60,000 pounds per square inch and uses sand and water to cut sheet metal.

Begley's Best all-purpose cleaner: Contains aqueous detergents derived from natural eedstock and complexing agents.

Burbank Recycle Center: A partnership between Burbank and Burbank Recycling Inc., it accepts plastic bottles, used oil and more.

EcoJet: A work in progress, this biodiesel supercar is a GM one-off, powered by a Honeywell LT-101 turbine engine.