Letters: Georgia's insane guns bill

It is sad and appalling that legislation passed after high-profile shootings has resulted in an easing of gun rules instead of the sensible gun laws that we had anticipated, such as closing the gun show loophole.


According to Jerry Henry of, we are not going to "stop crime by disarming good people."

Americans today have more than 300 million firearms. By Henry's measure we should be the safest country in the world; however, in 2010, guns took the lives of 31,076 Americans in homicides, suicides and unintentional shootings.

How can more guns and fewer gun laws possibly save lives?

Roberta G. Schiller

Los Angeles

The writer is a board member at Women Against Gun Violence.

Georgia's bill would go far all right. It would take us back to the primitive violence of the Wild West, to that "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality.

Even in the Tombstone of the 19th century, Sheriff Wyatt Earp enforced a ban on carrying firearms in public. But here in 2014, Georgia wants everybody to openly carry guns.

Americans should stand up against this growing product of ignorance and political machismo. I suggest meaningful boycotts of tourism and businesses in Georgia.

I, for one, will never enter Georgia if this bill is signed into law.

I hope that the Hollywood company shooting "The Walking Dead" in Georgia will see the sad irony in this title and find a more civilized place to do business.

Anthony Lawrence

Woodland Hills