Angels Flight vs. California's bullet train

To the editor: In 1936, I rode the Angels Flight railway from Hill street to the top of Bunker Hill; the fare was 5 cents. ("He's inclined to believe Angels Flight will get back on track," Jan. 27)

Short of funds, one day I decided to save the nickel and walk the steps alongside Angels Flight. What looked like a short walk up some stairs was a long, steep, breath-consuming hike.


At my current age of 101, doing that walk is unthinkable.

Considering the need, my bet on which railway will be up and running first, Angels Flight or the bullet train, is on Angels Flight.

Morrie Markoff, Los Angeles


To the editor: I think if the European Space Agency can land an object (the Philae probe) on a comet more than 300 million miles away from Earth, traveling at thousands of miles per hour, then we Americans should be able to figure out how to get the funicular at Angels Flight running so it can make its 298-foot journey up Bunker Hill.

Just saying.

Shari O'Connell, Santa Monica

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