What those 46 Iran letter co-signers should have said to Tom Cotton

To the editor: I've been a student of politics since my days as a congressional staff assistant in 1972. Never have I seen so many lawmakers disavow their actions quicker than the senators who co-signed the letter to Iran by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.). ("That GOP letter to Iran? Not illegal, but not smart either," op-ed, March 13)

I'm sure most thought it was the correct way to proceed philosophically. However, given the national push back they have received, I'll bet most of the 47 now think it was the wrong move politically.


The next time a freshman senator comes up with an idea like Cotton's, I hope his colleagues will say this: "Son, you're new around here. It's better to be seen than heard."

Denny Freidenrich, Laguna Beach


To the editor: Let's not cloud the water: Obama chose to dangerously go it alone on Iran without Congress. Cotton's warning letter to Iranian leaders serves to emphasize that Congress is watching closely.

The safety of America and its Middle East allies are of grave concern.

Sam Hart, Los Angeles

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