Graffiti 'artists': Stay away from national parks

To the editor: I was alternately shocked, sad and angry when I read this article about those who are vandalizing the great outdoors with their graffiti "art." How troubling that these narcissists feel that even Mother Nature must succumb to their vision and voice and that those who wish to enjoy pristine landscapes must be denied. ("Graffiti artists' move to national parks shocks nature community," April 26)

How very, very ugly and selfish.


Kimberly De Roever, Pasadena


To the editor: There is no difference in kind between Islamic State's destruction of ancient monuments in Iraq and the vandalism being inflicted on Joshua Tree National Park. Islamic State intends to create terror, and the local vandals intend to create "outrage." But the main purpose of both is to draw attention to the perpetrators themselves.

So, their missions are accomplished, and they may resume preening.

To the professed admirers of the Joshua Tree vandals and their "work": You are morally complicit in their crimes and equally deserving of condemnation.

Don Glessing, San Diego

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