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To motorcyclists: Lanes aren't for splitting

Road Transportation

To the editor: According to the article, the DMV "Motorcycle Handbook" once read: "Vehicles and motorcycles each need a full lane to operate safely. Lane sharing is not safe." This has been amended to read: "Lane splitting should not be performed by inexperienced riders." Note the reference to safety has been omitted. ("California DMV joins motorcycle lane-splitting controversy," July 30)

As a motorist for more than 50 years, I have had more than my share of near misses with motorcycle riders splitting lanes too close to my car. When they come zooming from behind, the first indication I have of them is either the sound of their bikes or the sight of a rapidly moving object entering my peripheral vision. This is not a safe situation.

It would be prudent for the state to prohibit this unsafe riding practice. Motorcycles should be operated like all other motor vehicles and be required to maintain their position properly in a single lane.

Ron Streicher, Pasadena

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