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Jess Marlow will be missed

To the editor: As a lifelong Angeleno and an avid news viewer when TV stations actually reported the news, I can still hear Jess Marlow's voice, calmly reporting and clarifying the events of the day. ("Jess Marlow dies at 84; L.A. news anchor was no-nonsense journalist," Aug. 4)

In a prior career, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Marlow. He volunteered his time to host an educational program; I was the stage manager.

During the live show, he regaled the crew with stories of the early days of television, and even during the 10-second count-back to him, he'd still be chatting. With two seconds to go, he'd stop the story, look to the camera and go right back into anchoring effortlessly — a total pro and a class act.

He will be missed.

Jon Merrittm, Los Angeles

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