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Did California go too far with its bag ban?

To the editor: The editorial on the plastic bag ban prompts me to wonder whether the California Legislature considered biodegradable bags. ("Let California's plastic bag ban stand," Editorial, Dec. 5)

On a recent trip to Paris I shopped at a grocery store that distributed small, clear plastic bags with a note indicating that they had been made to degrade in a few months. The bags were free.

Wouldn't these biodegradable bags be better than the more durable, reusable plastic bags that stores now sell but are less environmentally friendly when thrown away?

Linda Clark, Long Beach


To the editor: Contrary to your comments, my plastic grocery bags don't litter the landscape or seascape. They are (or were) reused and later properly disposed of.

I used to go out to the grocery store on foot. Now I drive because having to take a bunch of cloth bags on a long walk makes stopping at the store on my way home unworkable. And those paper bags that I used to get for free? The handles come off, and they are no good in the rain.

You can take my plastic bags away from me when you remove them from my cold, dead hands.

David Wire, Los Angeles


To the editor: I don't mind giving up plastic bags, but why am I paying for paper bags that I used to get free?

Tom Chapman, Huntington Beach

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