Doc Rivers' son defends him against criticism by Clippers super-fan

Jeremiah Rivers defends his father, Clippers Coach Doc Rivers, after criticism from 'Clipper Darrell'

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers’ oldest son defended his father Monday night after an online jab thrown by super-fan Darrell Bailey, a.k.a. Clipper Darrell.

Bailey sent out a tweet last week critical of Rivers’ work as the Clippers’ president of basketball operations, prompting some strong responses from Jeremiah Rivers.

“@clipperdarrell My Pops Been A Part Of Something Special, You Haven’t, Let It Take It [sic] Course. #Banner1,” Jeremiah Rivers tweeted Monday, referring to his father's NBA title as coach of the Boston Celtics in 2008.

Jeremiah Rivers, who played at Georgetown and Indiana before playing professionally in Serbia and in the Development League, had more to say on the matter.

“My Pops Been President For Half A Season, And You’ve Determined a Verdict huh? Like Some Judge With His Gavel…” Rivers tweeted. “No Offense Clipper Darrell, But You Don’t Know [ ...]. Oh, And Your Misinformed.”

Doc Rivers has been in charge of the Clippers’ personnel decisions since he arrived in the summer of 2013 -- one of the reasons he willingly left the storied Celtics to come to a franchise without a trip to the Western Conference finals.

Bailey, known for wearing half-red, half-blue suits and shouting “Let’s go Clippers, let’s go!” during games at Staples Center, had tweeted a link to a picture of Doc Rivers along with the message “My name is Doc Rivers and I Dont know what I am doing being the President of Basketball Operations.”

Jeremiah Rivers strongly disagreed.

“My Pops Been Running the Ship for 1 Year (This Being His First) ... Front Office Mistakes (Doc and Staff), Duely Noted,” Rivers tweeted. “But You Need To Chill With All The Blasphemy. As ‘Head-Clippers’ Fan, You Should Set A Better Example.”

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