Quick, Dodgers must void that Clayton Kershaw contract!

Quick, Dodgers must void that Clayton Kershaw contract!
Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw throws against the Oakland A's during a spring training game on Tuesday. (Gregory Bull / Associated Press)

Scan the fine print, check with legal, ask if people can no longer take a joke.

The Dodgers obviously have to find a way to get out of this $215-million boondoggle of a deal they mistakenly gave Clayton Kershaw before the season starts and he takes the entire franchise under.

It's panic in the streets!

Or, you know, maybe not.


Kershaw, the two-time Cy Young winner, has had a pair of rough starts to this spring. And eyebrows are raised everywhere? Really? There is actual, real-life concern?

Yes, the preseason is compacted this year. Yes, you expect Kershaw to be the greatest pitcher in the history of mankind every time he takes the mound. Yes, that he currently has a spring 18.00 ERA looks foreign.

And, no, right now it doesn't mean diddly.

In some quarters, there is actual unease. This overreaction has been fueled not only by the results, but by his reaction to them.

“I don’t have any excuses,” Kershaw said. “I don’t know. I’m searching for answers right now. I know it’s spring training and it doesn’t matter, but it matters to me. We have to figure it out.”

I'm thinking, just maybe, they do. Kershaw doesn't like performing poorly at any time, which is what you would expect from someone so incredibly competitive. You would expect him to be unsatisfied.

But it is two spring starts. And he actually pitched very well in the first two innings of his second start Monday, retiring the first six batters in order before being unable to get an out in the third. You know, almost like he got a bit tired in his second outing of the spring.

Kershaw went 2-3 with a 4.18 ERA last spring, and as you may recall, threw a four-hit shutout in his first start and his regular season went just swell.

The Dodgers are not without concerns, but one of them definitely is not Kershaw after his first two exhibition starts. Have no fear, they will come up with something to be legitimately worried about, but it won't be Kershaw.