San Diego Padres hope to acquire Matt Kemp from Dodgers

San Diego Padres believe they have a real chance at acquiring outfielder Matt Kemp from the Dodgers

Would the Dodgers trade Matt Kemp to the division rival San Diego Padres?

The Padres think they might.

At these winter meetings, Padres officials are telling people they think they have a real chance of landing Kemp, who is one of three veteran outfielders being shopped by the Dodgers.

In exchange for Kemp, the Padres are believed to be offering a package that includes Yasmani Grandal, a 26-year-old catcher who tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone in 2012. He served a 50-game suspension in 2013.

The Dodgers would presumably cover a portion of the $107 million Kemp is owed over the next five seasons.

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