Despite recent wins, Dodgers still searching for offense

Despite scoring woes, Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly says he's not concerned about his team's offense

The Dodgers have won two consecutive games, and after what happened in San Francisco, that’s a very good thing, right?

Certainly, but after being shut out for three consecutive games, don’t be lulled into believing the offense is suddenly back in high gear.

The Dodgers scored two runs in each of the past two victories, which ups their total from the past seven games to six. During that seven-game stretch, they’ve hit .186 (40 for 215) and are just two for 39 with runners in scoring position.

Still, Manager Don Mattingly does not seem troubled by the lack of offensive production from a team that a week ago was leading the National League in most every offensive category.

“I’m not really concerned about the offense,” he said. “I’m happy with the at-bats.”

Mattingly said he hadn’t given any thought to a radical lineup change. Starters Carl Crawford and Yasiel Puig remain on the disabled list, and catcher Yasmani Grandal is on the seven-day DL with a concussion.

“So I take the same eight guys and put them in different order and I’ll get more runs?” he asked. “I could shake it up and throw it out there, but at this point we’re not looking to make changes. We’re always talking about the lineup and when certain guys get back what are we going to have to do. But at this point we’re going to stay right where we’re at.”

Mattingly said he was pleased with how Dodgers batters were making opposing pitchers work. Despite hitting only three homers in the past seven games, the Dodgers still lead the NL in home runs (56).

“It seems like there have been some balls hit in the last homestand and this one that aren’t going [out] that early in the year seemed like they were just flying out,” Mattingly said. “I think the ballpark is coming back to what it kind of traditionally is. We’ll just see who we are. I’m happy with the way our approach is and the way we go about our business. I think it’s going to be enough.”

The Dodgers also still the league with 33 homers at home. And they remain No. 1 in all of baseball with a .790 on-base, plus slugging percentage.

“Your offense is what it is,” Mattingly said. “You go out hot, at some point the numbers are going to come back to pretty much what they always are. Over the course of the season we’ll see if we’re a team that leads the league in homers or scores in different ways, but I think we’re pretty confident and happy with the approach in the way we’re hitting .... We’ll see the way our offense ends up shaking out.”

Mattingly said Grandal, placed on the concussion list Saturday, felt good and would probably appear in two or three minor league games before being activated. Grandal was batting .426 (20 for 47) in his last 15 games, with four doubles, three home runs and 15 RBI.

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