Bear Redell is UCLA's walk-on singing linebacker

Eric Sondheimer
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On the stage at the Canyon Club in Agoura on Thursday night was Bear Redell, a walk-on freshman linebacker for UCLA. Armed with his guitar and supported by a drummer, Redell performed for 30 minutes, singing a variety of songs from rock to country to rap.

Let's just say if UCLA Coach Jim Mora needs entertainment for a fundraiser, all he needs to do is hire Redell and the audience will be very happy.

Redell is the grandson of former Oaks Christian football Coach Bill Redell. His father, Billy, is a lawyer and Crespi grad who went to UCLA. Redell was a quarterback at Santa Ynez before switching to linebacker.

He's a music history major, and few on UCLA's team knew about his singing ability until a talent show in San Francisco as part of the Bruins' bowl game.

"Everyone was going nuts when I went up," Redell said. "It was such a great feeling that I got to show off a little of my talent. They had no idea. Only a couple knew like my roommate. A lot of people were shocked. I think Coach Mora found out who I was. I don't think he knew who I was until that moment."

Redell plans to keep playing football and keep singing, so if the Bruins need someone to perform a concert, he's the go-to player.

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