Coming in May: LB Poly vs. Calabasas, Narbonne vs. Centennial, Cathedral vs. Hawkins

Eric Sondheimer
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Seven on seven is so old school. Are you ready for 11 on 11 football in May?

Plans are being finalized for six top teams to face off in 11 on 11 without pads and without tackling on Friday night, May 20, at L.A. Cathedral, Coach Kevin Pearson said.

The games would be Long Beach Poly vs. Calabasas, Hawkins vs. Cathedral and Narbonne vs. Corona Centennial.

It would happen in the middle of the college evaluation period, allowing college coaches to show up.

Of course, the coaches involved will have to be very careful in instructing players. The reason 11 on 11 without pads doesn't happen too often is that players sometimes don't have the discipline to keep their emotions in check. Coaches don't schedule 11 on 11 unless they know the other coach very well to prevent fights or other incidents from happening.

It should be fun as long as everyone understands it's summer and the score doesn't matter.

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