Track: College recruiters getting ready to call Michael Norman

Hal Harkness has been involved in Southern California track and field for 59 years as a competitor, coach and official, and he says there's never been anyone quite like Michael Norman of Vista Murrieta.

"He's so far ahead of anyone else because he's got another year, and he's done it in two events," Harkness said.


Norman, a junior, ran the 400 meters at the state track and field championships on Saturday in Clovis in 45.19 seconds, a National Federation record. He won the 200 in 20.30, a state record.

If Norman played football, people from Alabama to Ohio would be going bonkers hoping he'd select their favorite college team.

In track and field, college recruiters will be lining up with offers starting July 1, the day Norman's phone might explode from so many phone calls expected from recruiters.

"He literally has the world by the tail," Harkness said. "He can do anything he wants as far as schools."

Norman is heading to New York this weekend with Coach Coley Candaele to run in a special 100 meters known as the Adidas Dream 100. He's also scheduled to run in a 400 later this summer in Washington and a 200 in Oregon.

Next year, he figures to be back in Clovis stronger and faster for the 2016 state championships.

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