Words of wisdom from NBA No. 1 pick Karl-Anthony Towns

Eric Sondheimer
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Karl-Anthony Towns, the No. 1 NBA draft pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves, was in Los Angeles on Tuesday night serving as a presenter at the Gatorade athlete of the year banquet.

Towns, who wears size 20 shoes, won the male athlete of the year award last year when he was still in high school. He played his freshman season at Kentucky and is just 19 years old.

He was asked about lessons learned that have helped him reach this point in his life.

"I think the biggest thing you have to understand is nothing is going to be given to you in life," he said. "You have to go chase it. You have to put in the work in the gym or whatever field your field may be."

Towns said that he always has been a "true believer the more work you put in, the more confident and better you will be."

As for coming close to being a Laker, he said he doesn't think about that.

"I'm so happy with the situation I've been put into being a Minnesota Timberwolve," he said.



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