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'Saturday Night Live' parodies famous father LaVar Ball

One is really good at basketball and could eventually be a star for the Lakers in the NBA. The other scored 2.2 points per game in college on the hardwood and eventually washed out of the NFL after being a practice squad player during two seasons

Yet, it is LaVar Ball rather than his son Lonzo that has attracted more headlines.

LaVar’s brash personality and willingness to make sensational claims has made him a golden soundbite. Sports television shows and journalists have been quick to thrust a microphone or recorder in front of him hoping he will say something outrageous. He usually obliges.

While his oldest son is content to sit back and let his performance on the court do most of the talking, LaVar embraces the limelight. In a special Thursday night edition, “Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update illuminated his extra-large persona with a stellar parody by Keenan Thompson.

“LaVar” joins Weekend Update and doubles down on his claims he can beat Michael Jordan on the court, adding he would do it with one arm tied behind his back while wearing a beekeeper’s suit and Hamburger Helper gloves.

He lists several attributes to support his argument, including his Thanksgiving appetite, before using Weekend Update as a venue to champion the Big Baller Brand signature ZO2 shoes.

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