Interactive graphic shows the multitude of Lakers injuries and lineups

Interactive graphic shows the multitude of Lakers injuries and lineups
Click on the interactive graphic link below to see the merry-go-round of Lakers injuries and lineups. (Los Angeles Times)
The Lakers are a household franchise -- love 'em or leave 'em -- because they've won 16 championships and advanced to the NBA Finals 31 times.

But now they're collecting something far different from trophies.


Injuries. Lots of them.

You can keep track of the Lakers' injuries and the lineups the team has used this season with our new interactive graphic.

The Lakers played against Dallas and Houston this week with two healthy guards. Two.
Longtime Lakers trainer Gary Vitti has never been busier. The injured list is long, involved and bizarre.

Kobe Bryant returned from a 19-game absence caused by a torn Achilles' tendon, played six games and sustained a fractured knee. Steve Nash is also a member of the six-game club, out of action almost two months because of nerve damage in his back.

Steve Blake has an unusual elbow injury more commonly seen in baseball players. Jordan Farmar has had a tear in his left hamstring -- twice. And no one's quite sure what the deal is with Xavier Henry. He was having a career year until either a bone bruise or torn cartilage popped up in his right knee. More will be known in a few days.

Not surprisingly, the Lakers (14-22) have tumbled toward the bottom of the Western Conference.

Will it get better? It can't get worse.

Nash is targeting Jan. 28 for a return. Bryant is expected to be back soon after that. Blake is an early February possibility, along with Farmar.

Until then, the Lakers' layup lines will look morbidly thin before games. There will be plenty of seats on their bench. And almost surely a lot more losses.