Five takeaways from Lakers' 136-115 loss to Warriors

Five takeaways from Lakers' 136-115 loss to Warriors
Lakers teammates (from left to right) Kobe Bryant, Wesley Johnson, Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer sit on the bench during the fourth quarter of a 136-115 loss to the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center on Sunday. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

The Lakers (1-9) haven’t ever started this poorly through 10 games. Ever. Here are five takeaways from their 136-115 loss Sunday to Golden State at Staples Center.

1. Kobe Bryant definitely didn’t look sick or "achy." He had 44 points. Took 34 shots, made 15. He’s the lone entertainment factor on this team, for better (NBA’s second-leading scorer) or worse (still hasn’t made more than half his shots in a game).

2. The rest of the Lakers starters combined for one shot fewer than Bryant. This is usually problematic. Bryant and Carlos Boozer each suggested that was the case after the game. But a solution is not in sight because…

3. Boozer and Wesley Johnson combined to make six of 24 shots. They each scored six points. How much can Bryant be blamed for continually shooting?

4. Must be tough to own Jeremy Lin in a fantasy league. He went from 15 points and four assists in back-to-back games to no points and one assist against Golden State.

5. The Lakers really have no chance when they play a team that can shoot threes. Golden State hammered them in the category, making 14 of 28. The Lakers made three of 16. Maybe that improves when Nick Young returns, but by how much?