Lakers' Week 10 in review

The Lakers continued to struggle through Week 10, falling to 14-20 with two losses in three tries.

Pau Gasol was able to return from a sinus infection and bronchitis as the Lakers hosted the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday.


Playing without Xavier Henry, out at least seven days with a knee injury, the Lakers fell to Milwaukee, 94-79.

Jordan Farmar couldn't get all the way through the loss to the Bucks; an ultrasound later revealed a second torn hamstring, knocking him out for a month.

Did Farmar come back too quickly from a similar injury? The veteran point guard didn't want to second-guess anything.

With no Farmar (and the rest of the Lakers' point guards out with injury), the Lakers turned to the recently signed Kendall Marshall to start Friday against the Utah Jazz.

Marshall put up big numbers, helping the Lakers end a six-game losing streak with a 110-99 win over the Jazz.

The team may have landed a gem in Marshall, who is signed to a non-guaranteed two-year contract.

Marshall was recently in the NBA Development League; now he's enjoying time in the Lakers' spotlight.

The Denver Nuggets visited the Lakers on Sunday, but Andre Miller stayed behind after a suspension for conduct detrimental to the team. Though the suspension was ultimately lifted, Miller was excused over the weekend.

Even without Miller, the Nuggets had an easy time with the Lakers in the second half, scoring at will in a 137-115 victory.

Rumors surfaced that Gasol might be dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers for former Lakers' center Andrew Bynum.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar blasted Bynum for a lack of commitment after the Cavaliers asked him to stay away from the team while they looked to deal him.

Bynum's contract is for only $6 million guaranteed, which could lead to significant savings for a team such as the Lakers. Bynum would be waived immediately, but the Lakers downplayed a Bynum-for-Gasol report.

Nevertheless, rumors bounced back and forth for most of the week, many conflicting with each other. By the time the team played the Nuggets on Sunday night, Gasol was still a Laker.

On Sunday, Kobe Bryant suggested that fans vote for younger players to take part in the All-Star game, given his injury-plagued season.


With no Bryant and the Lakers floundering, the team saw a number of games yanked from the national broadcast schedule.

There's a strong 2014 draft class on the horizon, and the Lakers gained ground in the lottery standings by losing.

The NBA warned Jodie Meeks about flopping in the loss to Milwaukee.

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