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Sochi Olympics: Best Bets for Sunday

A look at the top events on the final day of the Sochi Olympics:


The closing ceremony is always more low key than the opening. Although exact details are secret, you can expect a lot of music. The athlete numbers are always down because many of them have already returned home. Part of the ceremony will be South Korea-themed in order to recognize the 2018 host, Pyeongchang.


If the seedings were only a little different, the U.S.-Canada gold-medal rematch could have been the finale. Instead we get Canada and Sweden in what could be a closer game than people think. Canada hopes to be the first repeat champion since the Soviet Union did it in 1988.


It's probably a foregone conclusion that the Russian sled of Alexander Zubkov will win even though he has a small (0.04 of a second) lead over Latvia. He just knows the track too well. The U.S. sled driven by Steven Holcomb is 0.01 of a second out of third place with two runs to go.

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