Diamondbacks' Churro Dog is just as insane as it sounds

So let's say you're kicking back at an Arizona Diamondbacks game and you just finished off a scrumptious D-bat dog for dinner. But (somehow) you've still got a little room left for dessert.

Have no fear, you with the frighteningly hearty appetite. The Diamondbacks have just the treat for you:

The Churro Dog.


It's your basic hot dog on a bun with some condiments ... except instead of a hot dog there's a nice, warm, cinnamon churro. And instead of a bun there's a Long John chocolate-glazed donut split in half. And in place of the usual condiments are three scoops of frozen yogurt, caramel and chocolate sauces, and what appears to be some sort of whipped topping.

Seriously, what evil genius came up with this?

I guess we shouldn't be surprised that it comes from the same team that brought us the D-bat dog, an 18-inch corn dog filled with cheese, jalapenos and bacon.

What a tasty meal those two would make! It would set you back only $33.50 ($25 for the D-bat dog, $8.50 for the Churro dog) as you consume a mere 4,117 calories (3,000 for the meat dog, 1,117 for the sweet one).

Hope I didn't spoil your appetite. Bon appetit!

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