Cris Carter: Never put stickum on hands because God already did

Cris Carter says that he never used the banned substance stickum, despite Jerry Rice saying all players did

Cris Carter never used stickum -- unless you count what God put on his hands.

That's what the former NFL great tweeted in response to fellow Hall of Fame receiver/ESPN analyst Jerry Rice, who claimed Saturday that "all players" used the banned substance.

Carter first tweeted on the topic on Saturday: "I never used #StickumGate , and @JerryRice isn't speaking about me or for me."

He followed up with another one Monday morning: "God made my hands, he put #StickumGate on them,never a need to use anything but my God giving talent, and perfect it with a Jugs machine."

Rice, who played from 1984-2004, is the NFL's all-time leader in receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, overall touchdowns and receptions. Carter, who played from 1987-2002, is fourth all-time in receptions and receiving touchdowns, eighth in touchdowns and 10th in receiving yards.

On Friday, Rice started taking heat for admitting last month that he used stickum on his gloves during his playing career.

"I know this might be a little illegal guys, I put a little spray, a little stickum, on 'em just to make sure that that texture is a little sticky," Rice said during an ESPN feature that aired Jan. 17.

On Saturday, Rice attempted to defuse the situation with this tweet: "I apologize ppl after doing my research about stickum! The NFL banned this in 1981. All players did it! #equalplayingfield."

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