Crying Villanova 'piccolo girl' all smiles on 'Tonight Show'

Crying Villanova #PiccoloGirl gets invited on 'Tonight Show,' sits in with the Roots

"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon wanted to cheer up the Villanova piccolo player caught on national TV crying when her team lost in a barnburner to North Carolina State on Saturday, so he invited her on the show Monday.

Roxanne Chalifoux’s image went viral this weekend when she was caught on TV playing her instrument in the pep band with tears in her eyes during the final moments of Villanova's 71-68 loss Saturday.

A new meme was instantly born and the hashtag #PiccoloGirl was trending.

Fallon saw Chalifoux too. He invited her to appear on the show to sit in with the Roots, and also hooked her up with a lot of show swag, including tickets to a Taylor Swift concert, to make sure she was happy.

"What I loved is that you kept playing the piccolo," Fallon said. "You had to do your job. You powered through. ... It was inspiring."

During her visit, Chalifoux said that becoming a March Madness online sensation was "mind-blowing."

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