Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh says he's not worth his $5-million salary

Jim Harbaugh: 'I'm not doing ... more work than someone who's not the head football coach at ... Michigan'

Jim Harbaugh is getting paid quite handsomely to coach Michigan's football team -- $5 million a year with the chance to make a lot more in bonuses and incentives.

Obviously the university thinks he's worth it. Not only did Harbaugh go to three NFC championship games and one Super Bowl in his four years with the San Francisco 49ers, he's a former Wolverines quarterback who finished third in the Heisman Trophy voting in 1986.

But Harbaugh was asked by Fox 2 in Detroit if he thinks he's worth that hefty chunk of change.

Harbaugh's answer? "No."

Well, that kind of makes sense. After all, we're talking about a guy who buys his wardrobe at Wal-Mart. What's he going to do with all that cash anyway?

OK, so that's not exactly Harbaugh's reasoning.

"I'm not doing five times as much work as somebody else or doing more work than someone who's not the head football coach at the University of Michigan," Harbaugh said. "So to answer your question honestly I would have to say no."

Which means, of course, he's giving some back to the university, right?

"Naw," he said. "I like making a buck just like the next guy."

I guess that makes sense too. With his salary, Harbaugh can afford to buy more than 600,000 pairs of pleated khakis at Wal-Mart. Can't have enough of those.

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