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NBA's Joey Crawford adds another classic moment to his legacy [Video]

Joey Crawford marked a special occassion Thursday night ... well, by being Joey Crawford.

The notoriously cranky NBA referee known for a number of bizarre incidents through the years officiated in his 50th playoff game, the most among active referees.

And during the second quarter of the landmark game, Crawford showed that he hadn't lost his touch at all, barking loudly at 7-foot-1 Cleveland center Timofey Mozgov, "Do me a favor and shut up!"

Sends chills down your spine, doesn't it? Not sure what Mozgov said to prompt such a response, but he likely wasn't congratulating Crawford on the career milestone.

But just so Crawford doesn't feel unappreciated, let's look back at some of his finest moments from those 50 playoff games. There's this one from 2005, when Crawford appears to bump into Damon Jones but calls the foul on Chauncey Billups:

Then there was the time that Crawford determined that Marcus Camby somehow fouled Steve Nash from all the way across the court:

And who could forget this classic moment from last year's playoffs? Probably not Kevin Durant.

Of course, the ultimate Joey Crawford moment did not occur during a playoff game. But it led to his suspension that lasted throughout the 2007 postseason, so we'll go ahead and include it here. Mainly because it's so awesome (sorry, Tim Duncan).

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