J.R. Smith: There's nothing to do in Cleveland, so I'll avoid trouble

Cavaliers' J.R. Smith says lack of a night life offered in Cleveland will be a good thing for him in longrun

J.R. Smith says he plans on staying out of trouble in his new town of Cleveland because there isn’t much to do at night.

Smith, who recently joined LeBron James with the Cavaliers, told NBA.com that focusing on basketball, and not a night life, would ultimately help his game. 

“I think this is the best situation for me, 'cause there's nothing but basketball,” Smith said, according to NBA.com’s David Aldridge. “There's nothing you expect but basketball. There's nothing, there's no going out, there's no late nights.”

Smith, who was traded from the New York Knicks to the Cavaliers this month, told Aldridge he wants to have a hot hand more often. 

"Consistency has been something that...I wouldn't say lacked, but it's just been stints where I get hot, and then you go cold for two, three games, whatever the case may be," Smith said, according to Aldridge.

The lack of a night life in Cleveland will force him to practice and go to the gym more, thereby eliminating the opportunity for poor decisions, he said.

Smith, who has averaged 15.2 points in 10 games with the Cavaliers, has found himself in hot water numerous times throughout his career for his behavior on and off the court. 

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