Klay Thompson doesn't have a concussion, his agent says

Golden State Warriors fans get encouraging news from star Klay Thompson's agent and father

Klay Thompson's agent says his client does not have a concussion.

The Golden State Warriors star's father says his son is feeling much better and should be cleared to play in Game 1 of the NBA Finals against Cleveland.

Of course, neither of those men has any say in any decisions regarding Thompson's status for Thursday's game. Still, their words should be encouraging to Warriors fans anxiously awaiting the diagnosis of the neurologist who was scheduled to evaluate the All-Star guard on Friday morning.

Thompson took a hard knee to his right ear from Houston's Trevor Ariza during the fourth quarter of the Warriors' Western Conference-clinching 104-90 win over the Rockets on Wednesday night. 

Thompson received three stitches for an ear cut and reportedly was cleared to do so. He returned to the bench but never reentered the game.

Later that night, the Warriors released a statement saying Thompson had passed a concussion evaluation immediately after the injury but "began to not feel well and developed concussion-like symptoms" after the game.

Thompson was evaluated for a concussion again on Thursday.

"My understanding is that it was negative," his agent, Bill Duffy of BDA Sports, told USA Today regarding the test result. "There were no issues."

When asked if Thompson has a concussion, Duffy replied, "No."

Thompson's father, Mychal Thompson, said Thursday that his son's energy and appetite had improved greatly over the previous night, when the young star had vomited more than once and needed a ride home from his dad because he didn't feel well enough to drive.

“He seems to be feeling better by the hour,” the former Lakers star told the Associated Press.

Asked if his son would be ready to play Thursday, Mychal Thompson answered, "I'm not a doctor, but if I'm going to guess in layman's terms, yeah, I think so."

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