Mitt Romney picks all four Final Four teams in NCAA bracket contest

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney picked Duke over Wisconsin when filling out his NCAA bracket

I saw Mitt Romney walking through a hotel lobby Sunday and wondered why he was in town.

Romney isn't running for president in 2016 and none of the universities he attended -- Stanford, Brigham Young and Harvard -- got close to making this year's Final Four.

It became obvious, after doing some research, that Romney has come to Indianapolis to gloat over the bracket he submitted for's Tournament Challenge.

Romney's bracket stands in 25,485th place in the rankings. That may not sound great but there were 11.57 million ballots submitted. That puts Romney in the 99.98th percentile.

He picked six of the teams in the Elite Eight and all four teams in the Final Four. Romney picked Duke over Wisconsin in tonight's title game.

Romney didn't fill out a bracket during the 2012 presidential campaign because he didn't feel he had enough knowledge of the teams.

That was then, this is now: Romney's bracket is far more accurate than President Obama's bracket. Obama is in the 40th percentile of submissions and stands in 6,918,578th place. 

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