Olympic rings from 2000 Summer Games for sale

The Olympic rings that adorned the Sydney Harbor Bridge in 2000 are up for sale

Time is running out to buy a piece of Olympic history.

The five giant rings that adorned the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the 2000 Summer Games have been listed on eBay and -- as of Tuesday morning -- had yet to attract a bid.

The asking price? Almost $8,000.

"The rings are massive, in good condition and undercover," the listing states. "They could be used for igloo type buildings."

When assembled, the Olympic symbol stretches 230 feet across and 131 feet tall. According to the Goulburn Post in Australia, the New South Wales owner took possession of them after purchasing a building where they were stored.

"I need the shed space," he was quoted as saying. "They’ve got to go."

The auction was scheduled to end Wednesday morning. Transportation to the U.S. will not be provided.

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