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Reggie Bush to sue city over injury at St. Louis stadium, report says

Reggie Bush is planning on suing St. Louis after losing his footing on a concrete area behind the players' benches at the Rams' home stadium last week and suffering a career-threatening injury, according to a report by CBS Sports.

The report says the San Francisco 49ers running back has obtained the services of high-powered attorney Shawn Holley in what is likely to be a gross negligence case concerning the Edward Jones Dome, which is owned and operated by the city of St. Louis.

Bush slipped on the uncovered area after planting his feet while trying to slow down following a punt return. He fell, slid into a padded wall and was carted off with a left knee injury. Later in the week Bush had surgery and was placed on the season-ending injured reserve list.

A week earlier, Cleveland quarterback Josh McCown slid on the same area and ran into the wall. He was banged up but returned to the game.

CBS Sports reports that the NFL Players Assn. contacted the NFL about player safety at the stadium following the two incidents.

Last week the Rams reportedly informed the city and league that they intend to cover the concrete area before this Sunday's home game against Chicago.


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