Watch a 41-shot rally that will make you appreciate table tennis

Nigeria's Segun Toriola shows how awesome table tennis can be in the never-ending rally.

Table tennis pro Segun Toriola of Nigeria lost the men's tournament semifinal at the Commonwealth Games on Sunday. But before he was defeated, he was victorious in one awesome, minute-long, 41-shot rally.

It was the rally that never seemed to end. Toriola showed how athletic and unnerving competitive table tennis can be. He was lightning quick and elastic, pivoting and stretching this way and that.

Singapore's Gao Ning kept slamming until his last forehand shot went long. The crowd loved the action. In the end, Gao, ranked 12th in the world, won out at the games being held in Glasgow, Scotland. Singapore, a powerhouse in men's table tennis, went on to win gold, defeating England in the men's final.

But the rally lives on, thanks to viral video. In case you missed it, watch it above.

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