Tiger Woods improves to two under to make the cut at the Masters

Tiger Woods improves to two under to make the cut at the Masters
Tiger Woods aknowledges the gallery after making par on the No. 18 hole at the Masters on Friday at Augusta National. (Andrew Redington, Getty Images)

Tiger Woods could finally smile again on the golf course Friday after shooting a three-under-par 69 -- his first round under 70 at a major since 2011 -- with the knowledge he'll still be playing at the Masters this weekend.

Woods began with a birdie on the first hole of the day, which set the tone for the rest of his round. A relief for the former No. 1 golfer in the world as Thursday didn't go as well after an opening bogey.


"It was a solid day," Woods told ESPN after the round.

As Jordan Spieth moved effortlessly through Augusta National picking up birdies left and right, 15 in all, while setting the course record through 36 holes with a 14-under, Woods was probably happy he ended up with a one bogey on the day.

Woods' short game, which had been suffering before his break, again did him well on Friday as he made pars all over the course. Fist pumps for par shots.

"Sometimes those bigger par putts are better than making birdies," Woods said.

Woods avoided the water and stayed out of the bunkers -- for the most part -- all afternoon as he picked up four birdies and improved to two-under for the tournament. He's went into the clubhouse tied at 13th with Sergio Garcia, who shot a two-over-par 74 on Friday.

Here's Woods' hole-by-hole results from the second round.

Hole No. 1, Tea Olive: Par 4, 445 yards - Result: Birdie | Score: Even (T30)

So far so good. Woods' opening drive of the morning stays straight and hits the fairway staying just left of the bunker 285 yards out. His second shot lands high on the green, seven feet from the hole. Woods' looking at a birdie to start. Woods joins Louis Oosthuizen, Branden Grace with early birdies on No. 1.

Hole No. 2, Pink Dogwood: Par 5, 575 yards - Result: Par | Score: Even (T30)

The driver remains true again. Woods hits the center of another fairway on his tee shot. Woods goes left side bunker just off the green on his approach. His short game did him well yesterday. We'll find out soon if he's still got that rhythm going. Shot out of the bunker rolls past the hole but he turns around two-putts from 23 feet out.

Hole No. 3, Flowering Peach: Par 4, 350 yards - Result: Par | Score: Even (T28)

Woods goes left of the fairway on his tee shot from No. 3. Second shot goes 64 yards and ends up 11 feet from the hole. Putt for birdie loses steam and Woods will make par on No. 3. with another two-putt.

Hole No. 4, Flowering Crab Apple: Par 3, 240 yards - Result: Par | Score: Even (T24)

Woods goes short on his tee shot sticking just ahead of the front bunker. He'll have to go up and over the trap on his next shot. Woods went bogey here in the first round. Did it. He's two feet from par. On to the next one. Woods makes par and stays at one-under for the round.


Hole No. 5, Magnolia: Par 4, 455 yards - Result: Par | Score: Even (T29)

Drive goes to the right side, 279 yards out, stays in play. Woods is setting up his short game nicely. Second shot sticks on the green about nine feet from the hole. He's got a similar line to the one Jordan Spieth, the current leader at 10-under, took on this hole earlier today. Two-putt.

Hole No. 6, Juniper: Par 3, 180 yards - Result: Bogey | Score: +1 (T29)

Tee shot puts Woods above the hole just off the green. He'll be playing down toward the hole here from about 15 yards out. Chip shot gets him closer, but doesn't make it on to the green. Bogey city. Woods' next shot gets him close but he has to tap it in to finish at No. 6.

Hole No. 7, Pampas: Par 4, 450 yards - Result: Birdie | Score: Even (T29)

Drive takes Woods 295 yards up the fairway. He's in a better spot here today than yesterday. Approach shot catches the edge of green slips past the bunkers on No. 7. Pretty long 27-foot putt for the chance at a birdie coming up. It's in.

Hole No. 8, Yellow Jasmine: Par 5, 570 yards - Result: Birdie | Score: -1 (T16)

Woods narrowly avoids the bunker halfway up the fairway on the tee shot with a 311 yard drive. His approach shot doesn't get on the green but he's 29 yards away from the pin. Brooks Koepka went eagle on No. 8 earlier today. Woods nearly matches Koepka with his chip, but ends up left with a two-footer instead. Birdie.

Hole No. 9, Carolina Cherry: Par 4, 460 yards - Result: Par | Score: -1 (T17)

There's the trees. Woods tried to avoid a repeat of yesterday's debacle on the left side at No. 9 he drives the ball 350 yards and ends up in the thick of it on the right. No matter. Woods remains a pro and gets back onto the green. Looks like two-putt territory at 36 feet out. Woods goes par, birdie streak over.

Hole No. 10, Camellia: Par 4, 495 yards - Result: Par | Score: -1 (T16)

Woods' tee shot goes right up the heart of the fairway 325 yards. He's hitting the ball much better today and aside from the missed shot on No. 9 he's been pretty consistent. Next shot get Woods on to the green and 15 feet from the hole. A birdie here would best yesterday's total (3). Nevermind. Two-putt for par.

Hole No. 11, White Dogwood: Par 4, 505 yards - Result: Birdie | Score: -2 (T12)

Big 388 yard drive way to the right. Lots of trees. Not a good setup. Strike that, his tee shot was obviously intentional. Woods sticks the green with his approach shot just a few feet from the hole. Woods birdies the hole with a soft five-foot putt. Only the third birdie on No. 11 today.

Hole No. 12, Golden Bell: Par 3, 155 yards - Result: Par | Score: -2 (T13)

Woods lifts the ball over the water and onto the green. Got a 30 foot putt coming up. He's got the line but the wrong power. He'll tap it in for par.

Hole No. 13, Azalea: Par 5, 510 yards - Result: Par | Score: -2 (T14)

Woods drive goes right and finds some more trees at the bend taking a similar route to the hole that he used in the first round when he made birdie. Woods has to burn a shot getting out of the trees about 103 yards away from the pin and back on to the fairway. His next shot gets to the green but he's 42 feet from the hole. Two-putt again and he's got another par.

Hole No. 14, Chinese Fir: Par 4, 440 yards - Result: Par | Score: -2 (T14)

Off the tee Woods' drive goes 297 yards right up the middle of the No. 14 fairway. His approach shot ends up just off the front of the green. Woods gets the ball up on onto the green setting up an eight-foot putt for par.

Hole No. 15, Firethorn: Par 5, 530 yards - Result: Par | Score: -2 (T12)

Tee shot stays on the fairway but goes a little bit to the right side. No. 15 has that big pond guarding the front of the hole. Woods laid up the approach shot and made par here in the first round. He goes big this time around and ends up going past the green 17 yards from the hole that sits at the back of the green today. Too strong. Chip goes well past the hole and Woods has to settle for a two-putt par.

Hole No. 16, Redbud: Par 3, 170 yards - Result: Par | Score: -2 (T12)

Woods' tee shot lands off to the right side of the green just short of the back bunker. His short game will get another work out from 18 yards out. So close. Chip shot takes the right path the hole but stops just short. Tap it in and Woods has another par. Fist pump. Woods isn't going away. Saves par with a big putt.


Hole No. 17, Nandina: Par 4, 440 yards - Result: Par | Score: -2 (T12)

Trees again. Woods' tee shot travels 284 yards to the right side into a wooded area. Woods gets himself back into position with his approach shot which slips between the two front bunkers and tags the edge of the green. He's still a ways out from the hole though -- 66 feet. Putt attempt goes long and ends up about 14 feet past the hole. Going for par again.

Hole No. 18, Holly: Par 4, 465 yards - Result: Par | Score: -2 (T13)

Another smooth tee shot. Woods goes 287 yards up the middle of the fairway. His approach shot makes the green again and he's going to get one last attempt for a birdie this afternoon with a 15-foot putt. Two-putt par and Woods will make the cut and continue play on Saturday after shooting a three-under-par 69 in the second round. Woods is tied for 13th place with a two-under through two rounds.

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