Women to race with men at World Cup bobsled event

Elana Meyers Taylor and Kaillie Humphries will become the first women to race with men at a World Cup event

Two female bobsledders will make history this weekend when they race with men at a World Cup event in Calgary, Canada.

Elana Meyers Taylor of the United States and Kaillie Humphries of Canada will pilot sleds in the four-man event, taking advantage of a new international rule that makes the race gender-neutral.

"Of course it's a historic moment and I'm proud to be a part of it," Meyers Taylor said. "But my focus right now is on the competition."

She and Humphries -- who often train together -- qualified as pilots during recent team selection races. Each will be in the driver's seat for their respective nations' No. 3 sleds.

Because the rule change is so recent, organizers have not adjusted event schedules. That means Meyers Taylor and Humphries will have only an hour between the women's and four-man races.

The American said: "It's going to be a challenge with two races back-to-back but, hey, maybe this will just show even more how resilient and tough women bobsledders are."

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