Former Trojans receiver Marqise Lee featured in 'NFL HIStory'

Former Trojans receiver Marqise Lee featured in 'NFL HIStory'
Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Marqise Lee signals for a first down after drawing a penalty against the Tennessee Titans during a Dec. 18, 2014, game in Jacksonville. (Rob Foldy / Getty Images)

During three seasons at USC, Marqise Lee was almost always seen smiling.

In's latest episode of "NFL HIStory," Lee explained why that is his signature look.

"For me, smiling takes over all the negativity," Lee said in the video.

The short feature chronicles Lee's childhood growing up in foster care, the death of his brother in gang-related activities and his success at Gardena Serra High and USC.

"I've got such a good spirit because I've gone through the hardest part of my life," Lee said. "That's why I smile so much."

Lee caught 37 passes for 422 yards and a touchdown in his rookie season with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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