USC Now mailbag: uniforms and East Coast recruiting

USC Now mailbag: uniforms and East Coast recruiting
USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams was one of three East Coast recruits for the Trojans in 2012. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

Your statement that "An alternate uniform could create excitement for players, recruits and even part of the fan base," seems highly questionable to me. How many seconds of excitement will result when anyone involved with the Trojans sees new uniforms. Only a woman (cheap shot) could think that a uniform is going to mean something to a recruit or anyone who is facing a boatload of more important things to deal with in trying to make the team.

-- Robert Mendel


Robert, I'm going to forgive you for the cheap shot – because it was really cheap.

Go do some research. Google "college football uniforms" and check the bylines from the reports…

What do you know? Men have written – and care -- about uniforms too!

USC has a uniform display screen and mannequins inside the John McKay Center because recruits want to see what they'll be wearing.

How about on game day, when it's a given that teams will be trending on social media because of what they're wearing? Must be all women sending those tweets.

You might think there is a "boatload" of more important factors in a college decision, and I agree, but to dismiss uniforms as meaning nothing is to watch times pass you by.

USC did not introduce a metallic-tinged helmet last season because uniforms mean nothing. Coach Steve Sarkisian said, "This is a way to freshen things up a little bit…"

If no men cared about fashion, why would USC feel the need to freshen things up?

It matters.

What's the number of recruits that are on the squad that are East Coast vs. West Coast these days? Larger East Coast numbers than before?

-- Jon Nelson, @OSGNelson¿


Chuma Edoga, an offensive lineman from Georgia, is the only East Coast recruit who signed with USC in the 2015 class.

In 2014, USC signed defensive lineman Claude Pelon and cornerback Lamont Simmons from Florida.


USC signed four recruits from the East Coast in 2013, including defensive lineman Kenny Bigelow from Maryland, offensive lineman Khaliel Rodgers from Delaware and safety Leon McQuay and linebacker Quinton Powell from Florida.

In 2012, top Florida recruits Leonard Williams and Nelson Agholor signed with USC and also safety Gerald Bowman from Pennsylvania.

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