Grocery store coupons and savings tips

Toss these tips into your cart As with all bargain hunting, it pays to shop around. Here is a sampling of more resources for coupon clippers. In addition, here are some savings tips culled from these sites -- no clipping needed. Online shopping websites guide shoppers to supermarket sales and deals, and how to combine them with coupons to maximize savings. Free coupons, available for printing. Offers coupons for sale. Coupons can also be sent to your cellphone and scanned at the time of purchase. MONEY-SAVING TIPS Use a disciplined approach to shopping. Try to only buy sales items -- and that includes fruits and produce too. Stock up on sales items when possible. Consider buying bread, particularly sandwich bread, off the sale rack. Most grocery stores slash prices when bread is near its "sell-by" date. But that "sell by" date is just that -- it doesn't mean the bread can't be eaten shortly after that date. Start noticing prices -- consider starting a price book. Many people don't pay attention to the way supermarket prices fluctuate. That awareness alone will help you detect rock bottom prices, even if you never plan to clip a coupon. You'll also find out which stores can help you save money on the items you use most. Brand names matter -- some of the time. But comparison shop and consider switching brands when it makes financial sense. Use coupons for items you frequently use. Look for them in store circulars, the Sunday newspaper or online. Also, visit supermarket home pages and produce websites -- many offer coupons as well. Coupon swap. Find a group of friends who also want to save money. (Make it a diverse group so everyone is not wrestling over the Pampers coupons.) -- Rene Lynch

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