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'Bronies': When men love 'My Little Pony' too much

'Bronies': When men love 'My Little Pony' too much

Nothing in “Bronies: The Musical,” at the Third Street Theater, is as hard to credit as the existence of bronies: adult, primarily male fans of “My Little Pony.”

If bronies are real — and according to the Internet, they are — then our very standards of plausibility must be recalibrated, or jettisoned altogether. The resulting cognitive clarity is ideal for enjoying this unabashedly campy and sweet musical, which first made a splash at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival and has been remounted under the deft direction of Richard Israel.

“Bronies” evokes “Hairspray” in its message of acceptance, but writers and lyricists Heidi Powers and Tom Moore keep the stakes relatively...

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