38 women have come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment

Bryant Gumbel

Book review: Frank Deford goes deep, as usual

Book review: Frank Deford goes deep, as usual

A bio on NPR's website of its commentator Frank Deford notes that the magazine GQ christened him, quite simply, "the world's greatest sportswriter." (Is he?) A story on ESPN's companion website, Grantland, referred to Deford as "a writer who had achieved legendary status by the age of 50." (Did he?)

OK. Maybe he is, and maybe he did. Wikipedia's entry for Sports Illustrated — if no one overnight has deleted it — alludes to an editor at that magazine who helped "launch the careers of such legendary writers as Frank Deford." So hmmm, there's that L word again. No other career launch is singled out, so it could be true that Deford's work during that period...

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