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John Dingell leaving an 'obnoxious' Congress -- after six decades
John Dingell leaving an 'obnoxious' Congress -- after six decades

For many politicians partaking of this retirement season, the stated reasons for leaving have reeked of the common excuse that has someone leaving a job to spend more time with his — or most of the time, her -- family. Touching, maybe, but comes off a bit insincere. Henry A. Waxman pulled the plug on four decades on Capitol Hill with no public anger at the dysfunctional mess that is Congress, made all the more maddening when, like the West Los Angeles Democrat, you’re in a distinct minority. "At the end of this year, I would have been in Congress for 40 years," Waxman said late last month when he announced his pending departure. "If there is a time for me to move on to another chapter in...