Kia Motors Corp.

L.A. Auto Show 2016: Toyota CH-R

L.A. Auto Show 2016: Toyota CH-R

What is it?

A subcompact crossover with stand-out-from-the-crowd looks. The CH-R inexplicably stands for Coupe High-Rider, although it rides low and actually has four doors — you can see the rear door handles up near the roof.

Why it matters

Kia started the subcompact crossover trend in 2009 with the Soul. Since then, this submarket has proved one of the fastest growing categories in the hot crossover market.

Toyota (like Ford,with its EcoSport) is jumping in late. “I’ve been a little shocked at the lack of offering on the subcompact SUV side” from both companies, said Karl Bauer, analyst at Kelley Blue Book. The vehicles...