Food Industry
Should the Dodger Dog go vegetarian?

To the editor: I like the Dodgers as much as the next guy or gal. I cherish my 1960s Sandy Koufax button. ("For the nostalgic, the Dodger Dog is a home run," Oct. 6) The Dodger Dog evokes nostalgia and fond memories for many. It has become a part of the culture and is backed by the institution, and even becomes the identity for some. Joe Fabrocini, the owner of Fab Hot Dogs and a local hot dog specialist, is quoted in your article as saying: "It's OK. It's for the masses. It is what it is." I beg to differ. It's not OK. What is a Dodger Dog, really? It was once part of a once-sentient animal that was ruthlessly and needlessly raised and slaughtered....