Oscars 2017: 'Moonlight' wins best picture after botched announcement


Oscars TV ratings even with last year

Oscars TV ratings even with last year

The ratings for ABC’s telecast of the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday were nearly even with those of last year’s ceremony, according to early data from Nielsen.

In the 56 overnight markets, the Oscars show averaged a 22.4 rating, just below last year’s figure of 22.3. Each rating point represents the percentage of households tuned in.

The ratings only measure the program through the final commercial break. The major snafu over the the best picture award, erroneously given to “La La Land” before it went to rightful winner “Moonlight,” was after the break.

Nielsen is set to issue national ratings for the telecast on Monday afternoon. In 2016, the Oscars ceremony averaged...