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Feds raid alleged Chinese 'maternity tourism' operations in California


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Discoveries: 'Leaving Van Gogh' by Carol Wallace:
Discoveries: 'Leaving Van Gogh' by Carol Wallace:

Leaving Van Gogh A Novel Carol Wallace Spiegel & Grau: 268 pp., $25 "Vincent wrote once in a letter that a man who commits suicide turns his friends into murderers. What does that make me?" writes Dr. Paul Gachet in Carol Wallace's riveting fictional memoir of his very real relationship with Vincent van Gogh. It is with this tone of fondness and regret that Gachet tells how Vincent first came to his house in Auvers on the banks of the Oise, after the ear episode, after his tumultuous summer with Cézanne and after leaving the asylums at Remy and Arles. It was 1890, and Gachet had been the physician at an insane asylum in Paris for many decades. On the weekends he...