Clifton Webb

Suave Film Star Clifton Webb Dies at 76

Suave Film Star Clifton Webb Dies at 76

Clifton Webb, suave star of the screen, died Thursday night in his Beverly Hills home at the age of 76.

Mr. Webb had been in his residence at 1005 N. Rexford Drive from surgery he underwent last May for an intestinal block.

Miss Helen Matthews, his secretary for 20 years, was with him when he died at 9 p.m. of what his physician described as heart failure.

It was at the age of 51 that the mustachioed, dapper actor made his Hollywood debut in the movie "Laura." Director Otto Preminger had been impressed by Mr. Webb's stage performances.

Signed to 5-Year Contract

So satisfied was 20th Century Fox with Mr. Webb's portrayal of a villain...